Inspired by the elegant 1920’s

The Berkeley Square Cosmetics Company announce the launch of a new range of toiletries inspired by the stylish, chic and sophisticated elegance of the roaring twenties; think music from Cole Porter, heart throbs such as Rudolph Valentino, the thrill of The Great Gatsby, and the innovative designs of the Art Deco movement. This was a time of excitement and hope - the inter-war years, when for the first time women were doing the same things as men such as flying planes and racing cars!

When true lovers meet in Mayfair
So the legends tell,
Song-birds sing winter turns to spring
Every winding street in Mayfair falls beneath the spell.

That certain night, the night we met,
There was magic abroad in the air
There were angels dining at the Ritz
And a Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square.

The packaging is a unique partnership between The Berkeley Square Cosmetics Company and the Illustrated London News. Each of the five fragrances is represented by original illustrations from four popular artists of the 1920's, known at the time for their vibrant, chic depictions of the fashions and lifestyles of the day. The originals appeared in such publications as The Sketch, The Bystander and The Tatler.


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